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This Food will Save Your Life/Kill You

There’s an interesting post on Quartz discussing the difficulty of getting accurate studies of the health benefits of a particular food. The post points out that while it might seem simple to get accurate nutritional studies, in fact, reliable nutritional

Three Reasons Why You Can’t Change Your Bad Eating Habits

There has been a tremendous amount of work in the areas of habits and willpower over the past ten years. Our favorite books on the subject include Duhigg’s “The Power of Habit” with its cue-behavior-reward model, Baumeister and Tierny’s “Willpower”

There is No Best Diet

Julia Belluz has a great piece on Vox summarizing the salient points made in her interviews with more than 20 leading nutrition experts. I’m not sure whether the points that are listed are in order of importance but number one

Is There Really Such a Thing as a Superfood?

What Makes a Superfood? The Wall Street Journal’s Burning Question column asked this question to Dr. Phil Hagen, a preventive-medicine specialist at the Mayo Clinic. Dr. Hagen makes four points: 1. There is no real definition of a superfood and

The Changing American Breakfast

The Wall Street Journal recently had an interesting piece called Fast and Furious: Americans at Breakfast. While the piece had a business angle (after all, it is the Wall Street Journal), there were some interesting points about the changing ways

Quinoa – the Superest of the Superfoods?

Today’s Wall Street Journal has an installment in its How We Eat series titled “Quinoa Rides the Superfoods Wave”. The term Superfood had been bandied about for the past decade and has really taken hold over the past few years.

The 3 Main Benefits of Healthy Eating

The role that better eating plays in our overall health is a significant component of Why we should focus on Good Eating. There are three central ways that better eating is critical to good health: Food is an Essential Element

Pleasurable Eating Without Guilt

Most people equate dieting with suffering or, at the very least, deprivation. It’s a good bet that one of the significant reasons that there is such a high failure rate in the diet world is because people eventually can’t handle

Why We Need Another Diet

Experts say that only between 2-5% of people who “diet” lose weight and keep it off. If you had a 5% success rate as a baseball player, you would be batting .050 and would not only be banished from the

Teaching Your Kid Healthy Food Concepts

You’ve just taught your 11 year old the importance of healthy eating. Over the next few days, Johnny parades a vast variety of foods before you with the question “Is this healthy?”. You could answer each question as it comes