Author: Mark Frankel and David Linn

The Moral Foundations of Political Divisiveness

What is the cause of Political Divisiveness? Well, let’s first define politics, for the purposes of our discussion, as the activities associated with the governance of a city, state or country. Political thought and ideas are what drive the decisions

Understanding By Design – The Problem of Goal Setting

One of the cornerstones of Wiggins and McTighe’s “Understanding by Design” philosophy is backward design. The idea of backward design means that a teacher first focuses on the outcomes or results and then choose materials and approaches to reach that

Did I Just Read That? Why Great Non-fiction Books Don’t Seem to Stick.

Have you ever read an amazing non-fiction book and realized as soon as you finished it that you can’t even remember the main points? You’re not alone. Ralph Waldo Emerson once said “I can’t remember the books I’ve read any

*VIDEO: The 7 Habits in 3 Minutes*

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, by Steven Covey is an-all time best selling classic, having sold 25 million copies in 40 different languages. The habits can be seen as 7 perspectives that serve as a guide to success

Happiness is Overrated

In the past 20 years, research into the subject of happiness has exploded. Thousands of books have been published on the subject in recent years. One relevant finding is that happiness and its focus on life-satisfaction is overrated and a

Scenes from a Flourishing Life

The alarm rings and Steve gets out of bed having broken his snooze button habit many years ago. He’s thankful for the opportunity that a new day brings, including facing the obstacles that will come his way. He’s driven by

Flourishing in Four Dimensions

Joe has read every self-help bestseller in the business. In fact, as soon as a new one comes out, he buys it. Joe is an attentive reader and a bright guy. And when reading these books, he gets great flashes

The Battle of Stress and Fulfillment

Sam wakes up at 6:30, washes up, brushes his teeth and slams his first cup of coffee. He wakes the kids, packs their lunches and rushes them to the school bus. He runs home, grabs the car keys, shouts a

Facebook Exec Learns the Value of Getting Liked

In business, a company like Facebook is sometimes called out for being a bit unkind towards competitors and partners. However, when it comes to their employees they understand the value of being liked. Andrew (Boz) Bosworth, the creator of the

Is Common Core Math Good or Bad?

If you’re like most Americans, you just want to know the right answer, so here it is: Common Core Math is good for Americans. But knowing the answer isn’t enough, one of Common Core’s goals is to help you understand