Scenes from a Flourishing Life

The alarm rings and Steve gets out of bed having broken his snooze button habit many years ago. He’s thankful for the opportunity that a new day brings, including facing the obstacles that will come his way. He’s driven by his understanding that the purpose of life is to improve ourselves and the world around us. After a quick shower, he mentally reviews his plans for the day. Despite the busy day ahead, Steve is mindful to spend a few focused minutes talking to his wife and kids.
His first business encounter of the day isn’t pleasant. One of his firm’s larger customers calls with a list of complaints. Despite the customer’s annoyed and nasty demeanor, Steve’s emotional maturity enables him to discuss the issues with the respect and professionalism. The customer calms down and they work together to develop a plan of action to address the issues involved.

Steve welcomes his 20 minute lunch break and gets tremendous satisfaction out of his healthy lunch, which he eats slowly and with the recognition that when you’re hungry all food tastes good. More importantly the 400 calories will be sufficient to get him through his busy afternoon without any twinge of sleepiness.

Steve has many challenging days, but he never has bad days. He makes mistakes, but every day is filled with purpose, meaning, happiness and pleasure. He’s thankful to be living such a life despite the challenges of working and raising a family in our difficult economic and emotionally turbulent times. Steve is an ordinary guy like you and me, but he’s living a flourishing life. In our next article in this series, we will discuss physical flourishing and the pursuit of pleasure.