Brevedy Diet Basics – *Video*

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Here is a summary of the video:

Simple things work better. And that was a driving goal in designing the Brevedy Diet. The Diet is based on one simple fact – to lose weight we need to buy phentermine online burn more calories than we consume. This leads to one simple rule, in order to lose 1-2 pounds a week, the average man should eat 1800 calories a day, and the average women should eat 1300 calories.

To achieve this, the Brevedy Diet focuses on maximizing the pleasures of the foods we eat. There are so many pleasures in every bite: aroma, taste, texture, temperature and satiation. And when we eat slowly, we get even more pleasure.

With this pleasure focus we will get tremendous enjoyment from our lower calorie meals and snacks. We’ll also have increased energy and eliminate that bloated, “ate too much” feeling. It’s pretty simple. Eat calorie-smart meals and snacks with a focus on food’s pleasure and you’ll reach the “eat less than you burn” goal with a positive focus.

Although the goal is the same, every person will take a slightly different path to get there. The Brevedy Diet provides a set of flexible tools to help us navigate these individual paths. The Brevedy Tool Kit video introduces these tools.

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