Five Tips to Overcome Self-Resistance

I so relate to this post from Positively Present which starts “Almost every night… I go to sleep knowing exactly what I want to do the next day, enthusiastic and ready to take on the following day’s tasks. I think to myself, I’m going to get up and… Then I’m going to …work on ….all morning! And then I’m going to spend the afternoon working on…! And almost every morning I wake feeling resistant to doing any of the things I’d set my mind to the night before”. This is the case even when that “to-do” list consists of things that we enjoy doing. In fact, it often seems that the more we enjoy doing those things, the greater resistance we build up. That might lead to self-doubt about what it is that we really enjoy. 20131111-105755.jpg

The post points out, however, “The more important a call or action is to our soul’s evolution, the more resistance we will feel toward pursuing it.” I’m not quite sure why that is but it seems to ring true. Perhaps it is because the things that we are passionate about are the things that we really want to do well and that high level tytttyytyyytttttyyyytttyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyof expectation scares us off a bit. The bottom line is that when we hit a roadblock on the path to accomplishment, we need help getting around it. The post provides five tips to help us overcome self-resistance and it’s worthwhile to read them through in their entirety, here is a summary:

1. Recognize your inner brat. When you realize that you are building the brat of self-resistance, understand that it can be tenacious but that it also can be calmed by throwing it a scrap without completely giving in to it. For example, take a ten minute break but don’t take an hour.

2. Start with a clean slate. Don’t wallow in past stumblings. Focus on the here and now and the present opportunity to be productive.

3. Try a new location or tactic. Perhaps your resistance can be shaken off by trying something or someplace new. This can be as significant as a new work location or as simple as a new notepad.

4. Be open to being successful. Resistance is persistent (I should copyright that). The more resistance you have, the more it seems to build. Introduce some success into your life by imagining your project or task being completed.

5. Do at least one small thing. Resistance has a way of creating seemingly overwhelming odds. Do one small thing to start chipping away at the overwhelming nature of resistance. Set small goals and once you achieve them, you will begin to realize that you can and will, overcome resistance.

Self-resistance is a formidable challenger, but the same self that creates the resistance can place you on the path to success. Start with these five tips and not only will you go to sleep with positive steps for success but you will wake up ready to actually do them.

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